2018: Best movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, blogs, comics, podcasts, Twitter people, and Quora writers

Inspired by Alexey Guzey’s post about his favorite movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and music

In order of how much I enjoyed/learned from them:


  1. Back to the Future trilogy (yes, I watched it for the first time in 2018)
  2. Ready Player One
  3. The Imitation Game
  4. Stand and Deliver
  5. Hidden Figures
  6. The Matrix trilogy (yes, I watched it for the first time in 2018)
  7. The Man who knew infinity
  8. Idiocracy
  9. A beautiful mind


  1. Genius TV show Season 1
  2. Halt and Catch Fire Season 1
  3. Silicon Valley Season 5

YouTube channels:

  1. Bill Wurtz. Recently discovered this channel and absolutely love it. It’s very weird and eccentric. The History of the entire world video is one of my favorites. 
  2. CrashCourse. Chemistry and Biology playlists are amazing. 
  3. MIT OCW
  4. freeCodeCamp. Nice Python video.
  5. 3blue1brown 
  6. acapellascience. Molecular Shape of you is my favorite.
  7. Julia Galef. Love her videos explaining rationality and different paradoxes. 
  8. Simone Giertz
  9. The Organic Chemistry Tutor. Helped me practice for the SAT. 
  10. Domain of Science
  11. Breakthrough 
  12. Ray Wenderlich
  13. Deanna See
  14. Raspberry Pi YouTube channel
  15. Marginal University
  16. engineerguy. I watched The Chemical History of Candle series when making candles for Christmas with my friend. 
  17. TED, TEDx, and TEDEd channels are pretty good


  1. Marginal Revolution
  2. Uri Shaked’s 
  3. Aaron Swartz. Fav post: Be more productive. 
  4. Logan Collins 
  5. freeCodeCamp Medium publication 
  6. Alexey Guzey. Fav posts: What should you do with your life?, Research Ideas, and Where does talent come from
  7. NeuroTechX
  8. Nadia Eghbal 
  9. Peter Norvig. Teach yourself programming in 10 years. 
  10. CoMotion
  11. Devon Zuegel
  12. Michael Nielsen
  13. Quanta Magazine
  14. Nintil
  15. WaitButWhy. Fav posts: Neuralink, Elon Musk series, and Cryonics
  16. LessWrong 
  17. Spencer Greenberg. Fav post: Making hard decisions. 
  18. Jake Seliger
  19. Medium’s personalized weekly newsletter. 
  20. Benjamin Reinhardt 


  1. Existential Comics
  2. Saturday Morning Breakfast Comics
  3. xkcd
  4. Hyperbole and a half 
  5. Dilbert


I love listening to podcasts when commuting or in flights or eating. Learning is so much fun!

  1. Neural Implant podcast. 
  2. Conversations with Tyler. Fav episodes: Peter Thiel and Patrick Collison
  3. a16z 
  4. Rationally Speaking. Fav episodes: Ed Boyden and Spencer Greenberg
  5. David Perell. Fav episodes: Daniel Gross, Tyler Cowen, and Michael Nielsen
  6. Anatomy of Next. Fav episodes: Biotech 

Twitter people:

People on Twitter whose tweets I learned the most from: 

  1. Patrick Collison
  2. Tyler Cowen
  3. Saku P
  4. Michael Nielsen
  5. Alexey Guzey 
  6. Ed Boyden
  7. Daniel Gross
  8. Laura Deming
  9. Noah Tye
  10. Star Simpson
  11. Adam Marblestone 
  12. Nick Arner
  13. Joshua Browder
  14. Athena Kan
  15. Will Manidis
  16. Balaji Srinivasan
  17. Nadia Eghbal
  18. NASA
  20. Ishabazz
  21. Existential Comics (although most of the content is satire)
  22. CTRL Labs
  23. Jose Artir
  24. freeCodeCamp
  25. Florent Crivello
  26. Nat Friedman

Quora Writers:

  1. Yohan John
  2. David Seidman
  3. Travis Addair
  4. Kay Aull
  5. Vladimir Novakovski
  6. Dima Korolev
  7. Tom Higgins
  8. Tikhon Jelvis
  9. Geffen Avraham
  10. Yishan Wong
  11. Brian Bi
  12. Chomba Bupe

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