2018: Thoughts and reflections

2018 was my best year yet!

It was the year of I coded the most, sold my app, picked up new interests (brain-computer interfaces and electronics!), started learning Python and Machine learning, moved to San Francisco in a wonderful intellectual group house, got the O-1 visa, interned at DoNotPay, started working on a mind-controlled drone robot project, and most importantly changed and improved a lot as an engineer and thinker.

I started this blog about 3 months and only published four posts, which I feel bad about because I have a lot to say! So I spent a few hours on 31st December 2018 and today (2nd Jan 2019) reflecting on writing posts about things that happened to me this year. I’ve already published 6 posts and I’ll link to them here. I hope you enjoy reading them!

  1. Favorite places and restaurants in the Bay Area 
  2. Best books I read all year
  3. Hackathons I went to and what I built
  4. Best movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, blogs, comics, podcasts, Twitter people, and Quora writers
  5. Conferences and events I attended and what I learned  
  6. Projects I built this year

I’m very excited about 2019! I’m planning to do the AP exams in May and apply for undergrad college in the fall. I hope to finish developing a working prototype of my mind-controlled drone robot project and start testing it with my target audience (physically disabled people). And lastly, I hope to read more books, learn more, become a better engineer, and mature as a person. 

Since I came to San Francisco and started living in the Topos house, I’ve become so much more optimistic about my future! πŸ™‚

Happy New Year to all the readers and their families and friends! I hope 2018 was as educational and entertaining for you as it was for me. If not, I hope things get better for you in 2019.

Feedback, comments, suggestions, and advice are all welcome: harshita@harshitaapps.com

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